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Hi! I am Nozzy

Freelance Web Designer

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5G will be coming soon. We can communicate well with the world and it will be the common thing in our future life. We can work together from anywhere on the internet. The important thing is to find the right person to work with.

I can suggest how to work together efficiently on the internet and it will reduce the running cost of your business and increase your time to concentrate on other business tasks.

Choose me to your business partner!


A web designer is a person who creates an attractively designed Web site. A web developer can handle using CMS and customise the features to the buyers requirements. A webmaster can maintain web servers and domain. A web marketing specialist analyses the access and customer interest and makes plans for the next advertising campaign. An IT support specialist deals with customer’s IT-related troubles and talks to vendors as a knowledgeable IT specialist.

I believe that I have covered all those subjects, so I’ve decided to call myself a Web Specialist.


Web Design

Smart Web solutions for your personal & commercial projects in the budget with WordPress. I can provide server hosting service, so you can start your website just in a second! I can also advise you with the way to starting an affiliate programme on your website.

Ecommerce Sollutions

Run and grow your online business faster. I am experienced WordPress and Woocommerce, Facebook Shop, Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Ecwid and other Japanese shopping malls like Yahoo Shopping and Rakuten. Japan is one of the big markets, but I know it is not easy to start. I can advise you with a great strategy to sell your product to Japan.

IT Support

£15 / hour –  Troubleshooting your website, update, back up and restore or moving servers.  Teaching how to use the new applications with a video chat. Repairing your PC or troubleshooting your windows PCs and laptops. You can ask any kind of tasks for me. Skype or Zoom, we can start a meeting anytime! I am qualified for Comp TIA A+, MCP and CCNA.

Security Services

Installing analytic tools for marketing and security. Protect confidential information from hacking and backing up the data.


Programming using HTML5, CSS3, XML, PHP, JQuery, Java Script etc. UX/UI Design. Write an SEO friendly code for your website.


Additional service to install prpfessional SEO plug-in, search for good keywords which are more potential to be picked up by search engines and optimising SEO on your website is available.

About Me

I like graphic design and art. I started to learn web design in Japan and have been working as a web designer, developer and marketer for a number of years. I have also worked in a technical help desk role for various companies.

Over the last few years, I have taught English conversation to Japanese students in Internet classrooms and have been translating English to Japanese for an educational company to create their lesson textbook. I also have been creating websites and online shops for my clients.

I have my own business too! I export Vintage items to Japan, so I understand well the struggles of a small business.

I have my own business too! I export Vintage items to Japan, so I understand well the struggles of a small business.

Furthermore, I worked for an international online school and configured G suite and customised Zoho CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and transfered the customer database.

I have a great understanding of computing, the Internet and modifying data.

I can get you started on a low budget yet expandable plan and support all the IT needs your business.

Contact me today and discuss your plan!

Nozzy Digital Works


Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, WordPress Developer, SEO Specialist, Webmaster, IT Support Specialist

I’m interested in a lot of things. I love nature and like going for a walk in the woods and enjoy camping with my family. I did mountain hiking in the Alps last year in Switzerland. I have been trying more exercise lately to climb higher mountains in the future. I’m serious about saving the environment. I support sustainable companies and their products.

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Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, WordPress Developer, SEO Specialist, Webmaster, IT Support Specialist

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