website design mapgiftshop

Map Gift Shop / E-commerce site with a retail shop

The client Map Gift Shop runs the business with a retail shop in Archway, London. We have been working together with their online shop since 2016. To manage stock controls, the owner decided to use retail POS (Point Of Sale) system‎ Vend. I was present at my client meeting with Vend in order to supported the data transfer and configuration.

Project 1: Renewal of the online shop with Shopify and Vend

A. Modification of Shopify

  • Configuration of a paid Shopify theme
  • Contact forms
  • Export / Import customer data
  • Support the owner how to manage it
  • Connect to Vend

B. Modification of Vend

  • Starting POS (Point Of Sale system)
  • Export / Import product information
  • Connect to Shopify
  • Support the owner the use of the system