website design hugs and kitties

Hugs and Kitties / Business site

The owner has started a new local service by herself. To expand her business, she needed a website to get contact from the customer. I have designed and developed her website with WordPress.

Project 1: Starting a new business

A. Website Development with WordPress

PRICE: £150 GBP / 3 days

    • Configuration of a free WordPress theme
    • 4-5 pages
    • 2 Contact forms
    • English Language
    • Basic SEO settings in HTML
    • Designed the logo
    • Policy page support

B: Logo Design

    • Two patterns of logos (black and white) and 6 icons.

C. Website Hosting

    • Hosting the website
    • Providing a domain email
    • Troubleshoot & Maintenance
    • Backing up the website